dental treatment

March 27, 2008 at 6:32 pm

I was told to avoid getting any silver (amalgam) fillings, as my body’s got enough to deal with already, without adding heavy metals to the mix. If I have to get any, my dentist makes sure they’re composite.

I also would get an implant (in my jaw) because I need it for a restoration, but we’ve decided against it because with all the autoimmune issues we figure the implant (which is expensive) may well not “take.”

Also, I didn’t notice anyone mention this elsewhere, excuse me if I missed it–
I get IVIg three times per month. It helps with my CIDP, but I now need a ton of dental work, whereas I’ve always had really good teeth and gums. There was something in the newsletter a while back about it I think– other people complaining of the same side effect. Supposedly it effects my chemistry (as does the CIDP, of course), and therefore my mouth. (It’s never one thing but always several, right?!)