delay in treatment

July 7, 2008 at 1:34 pm

As to asking why the neuro has not treated me. I am not sure what the doctor is after for waiting now 4 months. He is aware that I had a bout of severe pain in my legs over 12 yrs ago that went away on its own. Also I devleoped LH foot weakness since then and within the last 4 years. The current conditions of severity were prompted by LUBAR Surgery at two levels
performed June 07. This is when I went down hill and my condition has worsened since then. They had me doped up on Nsaids and that just masked
the severe nerve imflammation. Then the Liver ALT/AST went off the chart so they stopped that.
I was really suffering from CIDP the whole time and probably underwent L4, L5 L5 S1 surgery for nothing.
With all that said, I don’t know if I have been categorized with progressive or
relapsing/remitting type. I go through times of heightened sensitivity in my legs with stabiltiy afterwards, then get these 4-5 day back aches where my symptoms seem to increase. I am totally open for comment. Let it Fly!
Thanks everyone. This site has been a huge help in understanding what I face and has better prepared me for my next visit with Univ of PA.
Have the best day you can. tim