decreasing IVIG

April 25, 2011 at 7:57 pm

I was on IVIG 25 gms every 10 days for the last year, and was changed to 25 gms every 2 weeks for the month of April. I received a treatment on April 14th and am due for another one April 28th. Today is 4/25 and I don’t feel as good as I felt when I was on every 10 days. My legs feel “funny”; not completely strong as before; have little aches and pains in my body; still have the electric shocks several times a day. Sometimes I can’t explain my symptoms to my doctor. I am not completely weak. But I am wondering, am I starting my slow decline? I don’t want to wait until I am really “way down” before I tell my doctor the every 2 weeks isn’t working. I feel like a guinea pig–experimenting w/ the IVIG dosage and frequency. I’ve been on IVIG since Nov. 2009.