December 5th! Friday!

December 5, 2008 at 8:10 am

Well! Today is December 5th! Friday and payday for my husband! He gets paid and gives me his check! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ Then I write out the bills that need to be paid this week and the rest goes into savings! So he actually does not give me his entire check. I do allow him to keep some of his check so he will have some play money during the week.

Hubby thinks we are poor. But does not know I have been banking money into our accounts all these years. And some of our bills I pay, I add extra money to the bill giving us a credit. Making the next months bill cheaper.
He still thinks we have a house payment! I guess if I die before him he will be in for a shock! Because I paid our house off last year!

I got a settlement check from the guys insurance company last year which was not as much as I really wanted but took 3/4’s of that check and paid the house off. Then told my husband I got screwed with the settlement check.
He is still giving me house payment money each month and that goes towards the bills and in the bank for savings.

The more we save the better off we will be! This summer I bought an upright freezer but already have a small chest freezer. One freezer is full of chickens and I have 4 turkeys in there, 3 big hams and several large packs of spare ribs. Bags of ice!

My refrigerator freezer holds TV dinners for when I don’t feel like cooking. Big upright freezer is loaded with fresh garden vegetables and fruits. Plus more meats! And I canned several pickles and jellies!

We actually have enough food in my house to last us all winter and part of the summer. Only things I buy now is stuff that needs replacing. Dairy products and cat foods.
I have 15 bottles of shampoo in our bathrooms, 30 bars of soap. For months now I have been buying extra items. Last year when the gas prices were killing us, I saw this recession coming and decided to stock up just in case something bad happened. Glad I did what I did.
Even ordered extra wood for our fireplace. I have enough heating wood to last 3 winters. Not to mention the 7 cans of kerosene that will be used in January, February and March!

Even my RX Medications are in a large quanity. I have a linen closet loaded with my meds. I’m the type if I don’t need a pill that day I don’t take it! It took me a long time getting used to Gabapentin. The 3 a day. I could only take one. And would quit and then start back again. But kept getting it filled. So I have 5 huge bottles packed with them! Guess I have a pharmacy in my own home!

Guess it is a parent thing. My parents lived in the depression days and boy were they always preparing for a rainy day and saying times could get bad again. My mom taught me how to freeze and can.
Many years back my husband got laid off from work and boy was that tough. I had to do without my medications for a long time. So after that I learned to hoard a stock just in case it happened again. No way I could do without my meds today.
My husband is very worried about his job right now. He works for a car dealership and is an auto mechanic there. It goes under it will kill him! But he does not realize that I saw it coming and does not even know how much I have been preparing for that time if it comes. One thing he will worry about the most is our house payment!
When that time comes if it does, then I will let him know the house is paid for! LOL!
Well today $75.00 got thrown in the bank for savings money! Won’t get touched either!
Wishing you all a nice day! Me! Have laundry, dinner, bathroom to clean and hallway to clean! Hugs
Linda H