Dear Yuehan

September 11, 2011 at 3:09 pm

I’ve been recently with my doctor and he told me about the risks with the treatment with Rituximab and he said that in the future will have the exam to detect the JVC virus here in Brazil. But I’ve noticed that pacients with MS have been take this exam in some countries in Europe. I though that I should take this exam so I could treat with Rituximab in the future, ’cause in the present day my treatment is with Immunoglobulin, every 15 days, 30g for aplication. But there’s a big problem with the Health Insurance and the hospitals. I know that there’s a lot of risks with the tysabri in the pacients with MS, and my doctor also alerted me to the same risks (PML) using Rituximab for the pacients with CIDP. That’s why I’m really interested to do this exam. If i’m wrong about this ideas, I really would like to ask your help. ‘Cause even searching, the only thing I realized it’s that there’re people taking in US with good results.
Thanks, Edvaldo.