Dear Friends

October 14, 2007 at 7:07 am

DeaR Friends,
Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It has been 3 wks since IVIG and starting Cellcept. Monday I am getting IVIG too.
I am so very sorry for not responding sooner. I have been reeally fatigued and sleep alot.
Is is normal to sleep so much(16 hrs a day). I seemed to also have lost my appetite

Dana, The infusion company is giving me a huge discount. We think it is at their cost and I love my nurse.
Julie, I completely relate to the crying feeding on it self and not helping me get better. I also fake feeling good especially around my 4 yrold nephew and 2 yr old niece. Thank you for the other advice and the hug and just for caring about a comlete stranger.
Peggy, Thank you for your prayers. Yes I have lots of people around me. My husband works from home(a huge blessing). My son lives here and even though he is dealing with his own health is a big help. My sil comes and brings the 2yold niece and 4 yrold nephew. You cannot be any thing but happy around them. The kids help my spirits. I am still Aunt BaBa to them.
Cody Stanley, Thank you for the bear hug. I love your pictures you add to the post tooo cute.
Miami Girl, So sorry about the cellcept, so far I am doing well with it. I love you tenacity dealing with drs. i sure can learn from you. Thanks for the response.
LaCala, I am really dealing with the unknown and that is very difficult. Yes, there are so many people dealing with terminal illness and chronic illness that sometimes I lose perspective. Thanks for caring about me.
Jp, Your story gives me hope. I know it is a matter of time to find just the right treatment for me. We are looking into help with the meds. Right now we are fine. I think anitdepp may be my next step. My husband is on 2 meds to help cope. He has a tremendous burden of 2 ill people in our home that he is responsible for their care.
Ya’ll have been so very helpful. I am grateful for you being here for me. Everyone’s wisdom and true caring for a stranger is amazing to me. So sorry for the rambling but I write like I talk alot.
God’s Blessings for continued health for us all,
Love and Friendship,