Dear FOM? Has any doc done Full metabolic testing on you?

February 26, 2011 at 8:35 pm

If so- do you think you can get a copy? Then look for the “*”s after any numbers – the *= either a too high or too low component.
Two reasons why:
1- many of our pain meds inhibit or leach our ability to maintain bone densities. Soo trying a combo of calcium citrate +magnesium+vite D can help you maintain, at least, what you’ve got and maybe rebuild bones. Many many other meds we are on can and do help us LOSE that bone and bone asorbtion as well.
2- I’d been told by my diagnostic neuro that I mite have asorbtion issues in the future.. and I do. All due to the PN.. they aren’t autonomic yet? But there can be and likely is damage in some way in this aspect to me. Sooo I WATCH and try and adjust supplements and meds to accomodate actual and potential problems.
Truly? Trying to adjust your critial blood #’s that can be helped w/ supplements? Is a lot cheaper and easier to ENDURE than going thru a long gastro workup!
I’ve often teased docs about ‘paying attention/or not’ to those “*”ed #’s! I often get a sheepish look in response! Getting any test copies out of a doc tho is worse than pulling hen’s teeth! Or a fortune$
Go look up what ‘calcium depletion’ does? Here are two examples…
Don’t let them scare you? Just look up the techy words…they’ll make sense then. Good luck? Takes about 4-6 weeks to work and settle in… Plus? Maybe a trip to and enocrinologist? But, in the end? It can be managed.
Hope this helps? We have to feed our selves that which we can’t get ‘normally’ any more. Sigh. Hugs!