Dear F.O.M.

July 6, 2008 at 6:33 pm

I am 58 and 18 years out and still have the tingling. If all you have is tingling in your feet, I would say count your blessings. I know you do FOM, but the past 7 years have turned to the worse for me, and I am sure it will get worse as you age. I have residuals from head to feet and everywhere in between. Lots of severe pain for me is my biggest problem, but my Dr. is good to give me narcotic drugs to deal with the worst part of it, and I appreciate him for that. If not for controlling the pain I would honestlly commit suicide, because I could not stand the pain.
Again FOM, count your blessings everyday you have left here, and be prepared for the next life where there will be no GBS. 🙂

PS – What has happened to Gene ? I have not been on here for a few months and have not seen him here yet. I do hope nothing bad happened to him.

God bless,