June 19, 2008 at 9:28 pm

As we speaking right now.I’ve have done some more labs and doing one more tomorrow. I seeing a Gastrointestinal Doctor for this matter and after I’ve done my last test lab. I’m going back for the results. I’m still somewhat not feeling the same after this has happened.


May 14, 2008 at 12:51 pm

what do you mean by “pulse” steroids. My husband took prednisone along with immuran. Disaster for him was the immuran. And he hated the steroids. Not good to stay on too long as it is hard to get off of. He started on 60 mg and is now off of it and only on ivig. I feel it should only be temporary. The ivig is working and he has also cut down on the lyrica. He got a loading does for 5 straight days in the hospital and now 6 weeks apart. This is his first does over 2 days.
Another 6 weeks then the same again. If not working he will be on Plasma P.

He was not dx offically until around Jan. or Feb. of this year but had all the symptoms for 2 years which got worse. It was our son who found this site for us .Doc said he waited too long. But we TRIED and could not get the help we needed. Changed family docs and neuros. I would still like another opinion but he is content. I think just not wanting to change again. We do not have to change just get another opinion while we can.
Good luck to you