days later and still alive, plus doing really well!

July 3, 2008 at 6:07 pm

Sorry everybody, that its been so long, but ive been busy – first with the withdrawls, and then from trying to catch up on everything thats been put on the back burner for the past 7 months!

So, made it through the horrible first 3-4 days. not really sure how! it sucked sooooo bad! and my husband was gone at work, so i was totally on my own.

now, im doing great! i still have the electricity every night and sometimes during the day. it is my entire body, so that has not improved. my arms take turns going numb and i still choke, but not as often. i think my “bloodhound” nose has tamed itself a bit. my breathing is tremendously better! so are the fatigue and weakness, although i know ive lost a lot of strength being laid up for 7 months.

baby is fine. small though, like 6.5 lbs now and probably 7.5 when born at the end of the month. normal, but my first two were 8+ and 9+ lbs. doc says it isnt because of my health – just a smaller little one. my ob had never seen me as a patient before this and i was already sick when i first saw him. so, when i went to my appt this week, he kept telling me how i looked so good, like i should be at a photo shoot. how sweet! but there really was that much of a difference (hair, makeup, jewelery, etc.).

I know its silly, but i almost feel bad telling everyone how well im doing. im not totally normal yet, but i do have hope and things improved rapidly once i stopped the vicodin. i guess my body is just really sensitive to drugs? now, i feel bad that i was so mad at my neuro for telling me that my breathing could be related to the vicodin, but he never explained anything, didnt act like he cared, and when i asked about my other symptoms, he said nothing. my ob took the time and cared enough to explain everything, encourage me, and answer all of my questions. that was the difference. im sure you all understand.

take care everyone!