Day 6! 2 in the morning and so upset!

January 25, 2009 at 2:36 am

Well family! Things yesterday morning were looking pretty good then my mom turned for the worst again. I don’t understand it. She was showing improvement on her Creatinine Levels this morning and the doctor said she was coming out of it and her kidneys were coming back to life. Now her levels are a 5.0. She is running fever now and getting very confused along with vomiting. They have a Catheter Foley in her now because she just does not have any strength in her at all. And she is not voiding much urine at all now..
What turned out to be a knee replacement surgery has now turned out to be a nightmare! All I want to do right now is cry! I have a feeling I am loosing my mom! I don’t want to loose my mom! This is killing me! Me and my husband left this evening after going up there once we got the call and had to run over my mother’s house and get her safe out of her closet. As much as I don’t want to do this, I see that I might have to do it anyway. I am surely not going to be able to do it if she passes away on me. Will just be so upset and while I am trying to pray and have faiith I thought it be best if I gathered all her paperwork together. That is not an easy job! I don’t want to do this! I just don’t want to do this! An I don’t want to loose my mom! :0(
I don’t think she is going to be strong enough to fight this. I see her loosing the battle! A simple knee replacement has turned into a very life threatening situation. I tried talking her out of having it because I felt she was not strong enough! I wished she would have listened to me! I just don’t know what to do! All these years I have helped her and now I can’t do anything to help her! But sit there and watch her go down hill with them still not doing anything. That doctor is just saying let’s wait and see. And I disagree with him! I totally disagree! If they don’t go ahead and give her dialysis now she is going to die! I really did not like his attitude. I don’t know how good of a doctor he is but I really wished I knew! I just think they should transport her to another facility but they are just not doing anything but poking needles in her left and right where she has bruises everywhere. And she looks so pale! Have called all her family up and told them what has happened and just am so upset about this. I thought yesterday was going to finally be good and it turned out another bad day! Please keep the prayers!
Linda H