Day 5! Thank-you so much family!

January 24, 2009 at 11:55 am

Well I just talked to the doctor this morning. My mom’s Creatine Levels just took a nose dive! YAHOOOOO! Her levels have started to go down. She got up to a 4. something which was extremely high and now this mornings labs showed her at 2.9. Her kidneys are staring to function again. They are going to keep testing her all during the day just to make sure she does okay and have decided to keep her on bedrest again today. If everything goes well by Monday they will be taking her to Rehab in the Nursing Home Facility.The MRI was normal and showed no problems. He told me that he felt it was the Creatine Levels that has caused her weakness. But did tell me that he felt she was going to be in a very long recovery. Going to be slow process with her. I am going to have to sign release form tomorrow so I can get all copies of her records.
If I see she is still having problems at that Rehab and not showing any recovery then I will be getting her into another hospital and doctor to see why she can’t function. Believe me! The moment they made the mistake on my mother the first night, I started watching every single move. My aunt and uncle are visiting right now and then my other aunt and uncle are going in later on. Told me to take the day off and get some rest some. So I think today I am just going to rest and do nothing. It’s been a rough long week!
They said they would call me before they leave just in case I need to be up there but plan on spending a few hours with her. And will let know! But my mom is showing a turn around. Hmm! Maybe me making them place her in a bed yesterday was a good idea huh?
I am so much more relieved! Thanks for all those prayers. I just hope now my mom starts to get better and recovers okay! But the kidneys coming back to life really has me relieved. Whew! Now maybe I can rest in peace some and not worry as much as these past few days have been but will still worry until she gets better. But it’s less stressful knowing your mom’s kidney’s are coming alive again! Gosh! That was scary! This morning she was actually talking and not falling asleep on me. Still a little confused as Hope said she might be but is doing a tiny bit better this morning. I just hope now we start seeing more improvements. I am very tired and have overpushed myself. Last night I was in so much pain and that nerve damage mess was driving me crazy. So I know now that I need my rest today! I am doing NOTTA! Not a thing! LOL!
Thank-you so much family for your prayers and support. Those prayers worked! Ohh! I had some teeth pulled the week before my mom’s surgery and being out in the cold weather has caused one to dry socket! That sucker hurts something aweful! Been taking tylenol with codiene like candy! As soon as I get my mom in rehab I am going back to the dentist and let him fix it! Ouch! Hugs
Linda H