Day 4 and still counting! Prayers still needed!

January 23, 2009 at 1:52 pm

Hi family! Well I must say that I am falling apart! I’m trying so hard to stay strong and keep my faith but this is just tearing me apart. I decided to come home early and try to get some sleep. I am getting exhausted and my mind right now is so stressed out that it’s just getting to me!
Got up this morning and headed out really early. Was at the hospital this morning at 5:30. When I got there they were getting my mom bathed and up early so she could be ready for PT. And then they tried to get her to get herself out of bed. She is like a limp dish rag. Body has no muscle tone or strength at all. The two doctors showed up and said that they are waiting to hear from the Nephrologist first before they can give me answers. I demanded an MRI and they are telling me that she is weak because of the Creatine Levels but I am being insistant! Then I told the doctor that I know she had knee replacement surgery and needs PT but my mom’s Kidneys and getting her strength are my concerns right now. Told them I wanted her placed back in the bed and just let her PLEASE get at least a day or two rest. She’s exhausted! So they have agreed to that and placed her back on bed rest. Then they leave and the Nephrologist came in. He is still ordering test but told me he really thinks she has Acute Renal Failure due to her blood pressure bottoming out but the surgeon swears it never happened. Her iron levels are extremely low and creatine levels still low. In fact they are worse today than yesterday and then tells me that right this second all they can do is wait and see what happens with her in a few days. They are hoping her kidneys turn back on again and start functioning on their own. And when I mentioned the dialysis he told me that she has to reach a certain level before they can act and start doing that on her! Told me this morning that she may get worse before she gets better! And said when she reaches the levels then he can act and start treatment. So right now it’s just a wait and see game!
Hope! You may be right but I just don’t know! That hospital has made several mistakes and I think they are now trying to cover up things because of those 3 mistakes. So the only thing I can do now is just wait and see like all the other’s are doing. Although she is my mom and they are just her doctors makes a big difference if you know what I mean. Not fun waiting to see your mom possibly getting worse which she is and just sit here waiting until it’s gets dire before they place her on Dialysis. My question is my mom is much weaker than the average normal person and will she be able to withstand this kind of torture that she is going through. Meaning is she going to be strong enough for her to survive this!
Now your going to laugh on this one. I just dozed off at my computer and took a nap and then woke up realizing that I fell asleep never finishing my posting! So I think I better get myself off line and just lay down and get some sleep. I just pray that tommorow when I go back that she is much better but right now I am so afraid of what could happen! So please keep praying for my mom! Hugs
Linda H