Customer Service people with a ‘stinker’ attitude!

December 13, 2011 at 9:06 am

Taking my 2 heavy Christmas boxes (15 lbs. each) on my rollator to the freight location at my local Home Hardware to be weighed and sent. And the guy suddenly develops an attitude problem, refuses to process my freight, says he can’t find his ‘bus bills’ (though I just talked with him on the phone, and he said to bring them in immediately), wants me to come back in 3 hours to finish processing the parcels, but takes them to the back to weigh them, then ‘accidentally’ flips one of the 15 lbs boxes off the weighing scale onto the floor (hey, those are my breakable Christmas presents in there, you!), no apology. Then after I come back from an hour of wandering around downtown, cold and exhausted, hardly able to walk, he finally agrees to tally the cost on an ordinary cash register receipt, which takes him 30 minutes to process, while I wait sitting in my rollator, then standing at the counter, then he wanders off, still with an attitude of some kind.
I paid $45 for freight costs, got terrible customer service and no courtesy! 😡