Crocs…they have

May 8, 2007 at 8:35 pm

an ‘RX’ kind made for diabetics. The nubs in the soles aren’t as nubby, and I find they sort of stimulate my soles and my feet feel warmer after wearing them. They come wide, and I have one very wide pair of feet. If you had narrow feet it would be different. They are far cheaper than most diabetic shoes, are comfortable, and don’t get too tight when my feet try to swell.

Mine are in a matte black color and they don’t look cheap at all. I called the Manufacturer customer service directly and got advice as to which ones might be best for me. I am very happy with that advice and don’t regret getting them one bit. Do a search for and go directly to the name. All my doctors like my wearing them. Next time you see one of yours, look at what the nurses and techs wear…in each office you will see at least ONE person wearing them. It was that fact, really, that had sold me.

My other shoes are ‘water shoes’, sport shoes with lots of velcro: two straps over the foot and a velcro strap at the heel to adjust as needed during swelling.