Criteria vary from source to source…

September 12, 2010 at 8:05 pm

worse yet, neuro’s can’t even sort out their definitions of PAIN!
What is one docs’ version of ‘MILD’ is anothers’ version of ‘UH-OH’ getting worse? Some docs are open minded and amend their initial decisions then amend them again and again…causes confusion? But as long as they get YOU the best and right treatments? Your goal is being met. If not? Time for second opinions…. As to what that treatment should be…Only you can decide if it’s working or other steps and tests could be taken to get you more comfortable, at least.
IF you and your treating doc are communicating well, about how things are progressing, and how meds and other treatments are working? Keep asking questions and keep a good list of what is working well & when, then what is NOT and when. Facts drive doc treatments, not emotions nor ‘feelings’ [odd pun here? sorry] don’t count for a thing! Sensations are a different matter, as is body Function…such as walking and more! They can and DO change! Usually for the worse. My heart goes out to you, I was in your boat once, and the second opinions saved my life! Easier said than done? But worth the doing! Hope and good things!