Couple of issues brought up here? Issues for the Foundation? Maybe?

December 12, 2010 at 9:13 pm

First off, As I have read past ‘eligibility requirements and continuation of treatments’ as were first posted by insurance companies about 3-5 years ago… [until they found out that we found out about them?] were key words: Continued support documentation as to improvements under such therapies…albiet? Standards were and have never been set… Not yet as I know of….
THUS it is the prescribing docs’ RESPONSIBILITY to report in a consistent and timely manner [again, standards not set?] as to the status of any infusion recipient. The Factors by which any standards are set, or how improvement or status-quo or even deterioration is determined is NEVER MENTIONED. ANYWHERE! Thus? Some insurance cos can get off the ‘hook’ because THEY have not articulated to the docs WHAT they must do to keep patients treated. To me? [B]=[B][/B][/B] gross neglligence by the insurance cos.
I for one, will glady submit to new tests to get my IVIG! Honestly I’m not a fan of nerve conduction studies? But I’ve been so ‘dead’ I’ve fallen asleep during some! Spinal Taps? Well, do what you must, when you must..just please! Not too often.
Dawn? Having been one IN the Government Pool as both an employee and spouse of one? I have to say, that Federal plans are not Cadillac? More like Silver Plated pot metal. What is being proposed shoud be a source for discussion under a separate ‘forum’ by this association so things can and should be discussed freely. As one who has been an ’employee benefits manager’ in the private sector? I can say that the bigger the enrolled ‘pool’? The more likely all are to have clout in coverages and at a cheaper cost than most employers [small businesses] can provide. Buy in bulk, buy cheaper .. quirk in the works? Are regulationed state by state…. As in Arizona- mite change?. Face it! It’s COSTCO for health care! Regulated by the Gov’t!
I think the current plans reflect learning from history! What all fear is: They don’t know HOW it’s gonna affect them!. It will work, given time. Likely better than what’s been going on to date…in THAT I have FAITH!
Dawn’s post and my partial response should have been split onto another post. MODS? Are you out there? Please?