Could be Heriditary

August 16, 2008 at 2:44 pm

It might be Heriditary but then again some of the symptoms you are having mimic me also! I have the dry skin going on right now. Lupus at times can cause hair thinning, but so can a thyroid problem and dry skin! So what I think is going on but not a doctor here! Just my personal opinion. I would still keep getting checked off and on with your doctors. If you notice it worsening or anything unusual like newer symptoms then tell your doctor about it! It took them 5 years to diagnose me with Lupus and I showed no positive labs. Something that is very typical of Lupus patients when they first start showing signs. All I had for 5 years was Neuropathy. And I knew there was more going on with me. The best site I found in regards to Neuropathy is online by typing Peripheral Nerve Diseases. It gives alot of info on Neuropathies. Saw an article once that stunned me while reading in a doctor’s office. 1 out of every 5 women will get a Rheumatological Disease that can be any of those that are consider in the Rheumatology Classifaction. Lupus, Polymyositis, Scleroderma and many more! So you could be in the beginning stages of a disease process that just has not come out of the woodwork. Something I am going through a second go round. Keep a journal, let your doctor’s read. Stay with the good doctor and don’t switch around. Especially if you feel he is doing what he can for you. He might even know something and suspect something but just does not have enough evidence to say this is Lupus or Thyroid etc! The fatigue issue is one major issue with Lupus. I thought I had cancer back then! And my labs would show nothing. You talk about aggrivating! It was major aggrivation! I wish you my best and hope they get you diagnosed soon! Good luck and any questions stay with us all in here. Alot of good advice in this site! Hugs