Could be? But, I’d give it some 2-3 infusion sessions…

May 6, 2010 at 8:52 pm

I guess it depends on what your inflammatory #’s were to begin with? Then, if you are new? They’ll test you often after you start for the next 3 months, that’s the usual protocol tho it’s usually for super effect and/or reactions.
For me, I’d found the first doses were well, ‘strange’ at first? One thing that’s been consistent with first day dose has been-My Ankles Totally Relax! Usually since onset? They’ve been tighter than guitar strings! Heating pads, Meds…nothing has impact. IG? Well? They go limp/tired/happy for the let-up!
I was dumb numb from the ankles down at first? Stinging from mid-calf on up to mid-section. With the IG? It can vary? But I get new zeeps and shocks now…the kind that tell me the nerves are trying to ‘reconnect’! I never think that there is worse happening…just better! Thinking positively can and does help this! Even tho it is weird, perverse, frustrating and well, makes ya go wide-eyed w/each zap! Thinking it so, mite not make it so? But it sure helps to get your mind in gear w/your body to help it be so!
It takes a lot of will, and positive mind-set to get where you need the right treatments and therapies… Do NOT give up! Keep faith and hope always!