December 11, 2007 at 12:31 am

I had to laugh when I heard the expression “cottage”, as here in the part of Minnesota I live in, we call them cabins. Our summer cabin is in the Voyageurs National Park, a small island virtually in the middle of nowhere. I was snowmobiling up there when I first came down with symptoms, but it was from having walking pneumonia for 3 months that actually brought the CIDP on. I also used to love to downhill ski, cross-country ski, & skate during the winter months, but now all I have left is snowmobiling, for obvious reasons.

You do have some difficult decisions to make; because I became so ill at 48 these decisions were taken care of for me. I never got to retire from teaching, but my husband did retire at 55 so that we would have some quality time together, we have learned what is important in life. He just passed his one year mark of retirement & we realized how fast the year went & how we never even got a chance to take a real vacation. But now we are in the years of taking care of both of our mothers & also helping out our son who is in a wheelchair when he needs/asks for it. Luckily we traveled a fair amount when we were younger!
BTW Tell your daughter is is not possible to do housework with CIDP, that is why I hired a cleaning woman 6 months after I first became ill.