cost of infustion

December 28, 2010 at 3:27 pm

wow, I see a huge span of what insurance pays out. Dawns company is paying 22k for 70 grams with the nurse.

my company pays 15k and change for 170 grams of Gammunex per month.
thats with the nurse. two bimonthy infusions of 85gr in about 5 hours each
infusion. I know my HC company manages and suppies the drug and nurse
but the employer is self insured meaning they are directly paying my expenses.

I just got my letter for 2011 approval and instead of Gammunex liquid, it said powder. that must be the SD. I don’t like that. Powder makes me really sick.
so I have a call in for clarification b/c I received to notification from the DR. of a brand switch. That powder gives me about a 5 day headache and then several days of nausea to follow. –tim–