December 27, 2006 at 11:25 pm

I think you might be right about cortisol. I am currently reading a book on that and will let you know. I have had a passion for reseaching health issues. I have also had some incorrect diagnoses from doctors which lead me to do this. I had gotten shingles when I got home from backpacking through 10 countries ALONE in Europe. The dermatologist called it “FLEAS” and gave me a prescription for flea powder! I paid 60 bucks for that diagnosis!! My cousin diagnosed it over the phone. I took vitamin C and they were gone in 2 days. I just read an article that said the Third leading cause of death in the US is medical mistakes. So, I am one who questions how much some doctors really know. That is why I chose to take my many supplements in getting over this GBS. I like how the doctors said we don’t get this twice. Wish they would have told my body that! But I think 20 years between is a long time. I do not think that most GBS patients need to worry about getting it again. The stress that I was under most definitely brought it on a second time and a lot worse. I took care of my mother for almost six years and taught at the same time. Then she died so that year was a mess with PTSD. Then I moved. I had enought points for three breakdowns! Gee, that might have been preferable to GBS!! Jann, I have no resentment about the lack of help being offered by my brother and my so-called friends. I am more amazed. I have read that alot of MS patients have anger that brings it on. I know 2 people with MS and both have unresolved anger. MS is like GBS only stretched out over many years. My first GBS occurred when a close friend had MS. We learned that each of us needed to sleep with our feet sticking out of the covers or they would get numb. Anyone else find this?