corn allergy

April 7, 2010 at 3:21 pm

Hi GFW, I was slow onset (3 weeks, 2 days) and I feel like I have taken a long time to recover, too (especially since my case was mild). After 1 1/2 frustrating years with traditional docs, I found a doctor who practiced integrative medicine. She took me off gluten and dairy after an elimination diet. At that point I was incredibly discouraged with the pace of my recovery. 6 months later I discovered a corn allergy. Several medicines were making me sick. My recovery the last 10 months has been fairly rapid, but I still am not 100%. The corn allergy is so difficult due to labeling laws. Just saw the doc 2 weeks ago. She thinks I definitely have celiac, but there is no way to test for that now. What allergy tests did you have? My diet is so restricted. I feel human again, but wonder if these restrictions are forever? Any advice? I would hate to chance another bad illness. My pediatrician (who is very familiar with food allergies) told me to avoid the foods, regardless of whether I have allergies or celiac. Both compromise the intestines and overall health. I’d love to have a soda. Do you know of one without corn? :confused: