Coping with the flu

October 8, 2008 at 2:42 pm

Instead of taking another flu shot, I am going to cope with the flu the way I always have. Most doctors do not give people antibiotics anymore for the flu. They just send the patient back home. The last time this happened, I had picked up a very bad virus from the Health Sciences Center, which made me very sick for 3 weeks. When I finally went to the doctor, he just said there was nothing he could do for me.

So, I went to the pharmacy, and bought some good cough syrup and tylenol. I dosed myself with that and my asthma meds and was able to sleep at night finally. After a few more weeks, i was well again. So, if they’re not going to do anything to help us, we have to figure out how to help ourselves. Interestingly, they say that the reason we should get the flu shot is so that we don’t get the flu and burden the health care system. However, even when we go to the doctor with the flu, they don’t do a thing to help us.

Years ago, I remember being hospitalized many times for severe flu, but nowadays, they just send you home (without a prescription) to cope with lung infections, ear infections, strep throat infections, sinusitis, bronchitis. Sometimes, all you can depend on are the OTC medicines, which allow you to sleep and recover. That, and lots of rest and good food is the only thing I’ve got in my arsenol.
— Donna