Congratulations and Thanks

March 15, 2010 at 7:08 am


Thanks for sharing about Emily. When my foot drop was at it’s worst, the only exercise I could do was riding my bicycle. I fell a few times when I stopped. Catching my balance on CIDP legs was always tricky. (You are probably too young to have seen the tricycle guy on the TV show Laugh-In, but that’s a good mental picture of me riding a bicycle with CIDP). So it’s really cool that Emily is riding. It’s also cool she’s such a smarty, the Destination Imagination tasks are really challenging. I’ve used several similar tasks in engineering career fairs with High School students. (Yup, I’m an engineering nerd). :rolleyes: High School students have a tough time creating a solution to the tasks.

I write all this to say, “You’re doing an amazing job mom.” Congratulations and Thanks for being such a good caring parent in face of all the challenges you and Emily have faced and will face.


And the Congratulations and Thanks goes for you too Dawn!