Concerns About Driving

April 29, 2011 at 10:28 am

Since I commute to work 35 miles one way each day it is a great concern of mine to be able to drive. Even though I have declined in my physical abilities especially over the last 4 years I am still able to drive decently—better than my husband who has no such disability. HA! People have asked me how I manage to drive—I actually do not know other than the fact that I must constantly monitor the speedometer so I can keep a consistent speed. I have lost most of the feeling in my feet and ankles. The CIDP has progressed so slowly that I have adapted without knowing it. I was surprised when I was first asked about driving in my condition. Not only is driving a car an issue but operating my riding lawn mower is also problematic. With my mower I also cannot feel the pedal but with the vibration my foot has a tendency to slip off of the clutch pedal which causes an abrupt stop. So, I have be extra diligent when trying to mow the yard. My IVIG nurse was surprised that I felt good enough to try to mow the yard, but was shocked when I told her the difficulty that I was having. She suggested I stay off of the lawn tractor, but I try to “push the envelope” as far as I can (while I still can).