composer yeah thats the ticket

June 9, 2006 at 5:11 pm

[QUOTE=Lee Spurgeon]Dear Soapy:

What programs do you use for composing?


Hey Lee,
How u doing bro? Good I hope. I’m hangin out waiting for my ivig infusion. got a couple days wait. I hate that.. gettin weak. hurry up..
When I had my friend drag that new keyboard in a few years back my wife had a fit. I told her not to worry, now that I couldn’t work, I was going to be a nashville singer/songwriter.. Later, we met this guy, a nashville wannabe, and he introduced himself as a composer… I thought that was funny, so I been one ever since…
anywho, to answer your question I used cool edit pro as the recording program. For the slideshow I used a free microsoft program called windows movie maker. [url][/url]
Its free and u can add music, voice, noise, to pictures, video. Worth the download, turst me, loads of fun…
I came out of the keyboard amplifier to the soundblaster live soundcard, with a cable from radioshack. Heck, I’m amazed that I could put that song/slideshow together and never leave the bedroom. I’ve never had any music lessons, just use my ear. Writing songs ain’t easy I have discovered. For me its all about keeping my mind occupied. You know what they say, a idle mind is the devil’s workshop. I guess thats where the dirty diddys I wrote come from..;)
In closing I would like to thank the good Lord for my toys and my wife, who encourages my dreams, and wipes me arse when I can’t.
God Bless