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June 6, 2008 at 11:44 am

Hi Guys and Gals: I took my pulse steroids this a.m. again (7 days and counting)… I’m also taking 1000 mg calcium supplement as it seems to be kinda of a concensus round here.. So far so good on the steroids, but still couldn’t tell ya if they will help.. I should know soon though! Hi Kristen, I’m trying to get sun, but you know what this springs been like in Minnesota.. How is your search for a neuro..going? I’m thinking I like the fish oil idea, might give it a try… Anyway, did you go to the gbs support group meeting last month when Dr. Parry was there.. I couldn’t go as everyone in our house had strep… Hi Deb, I think you sent us some London fog over here! Sorry to here about the stomach issues.. I’m hoping I’ve got some kinda “Iron Gut”, and can get thru the side effects.. Right now I can feel a little stomach isssues, but nothing major… Hope everything goes good for you… deanop