Cold can cause worsening

March 22, 2008 at 10:03 pm

Any infection can cause the immune system to also “non-specifically” flair and make autoimmune diseases worse. This is much more evident in children because they typically have much more reactive immune systems (I call them enthusiastic immune systems to parents because it is really a good thing in most cases). I work in a clinic that treats several autoimmune diseases in children and we frequently see worsening after a viral illness and in fact warn parents to watch for this in they have a cold/flu/fever. Sometimes there is no worsening and sometimes there is.

Regarding CIDP, it is still early. Although classically people worry about the 8 week point after onset of symptoms of Guillain Barre and say that things should be getting better by then for it not to be CIDP, this is not absolute and it may well be only that Lauren’s cold has caused a setback not that the disease process is a chronic one. That being said, no one knows why somethings behave as an acute process and others as a chronic process and so it is good that she was retreated with IV IgG. It seems prudent to be aggressive to minimize flairs.

Hold on to hope. children are amazing. If Lauren wants to play or be active and does not seem over tired by it–let her. Little kids still have a better ability to listen to their bodies than older kids or adults.

WithHope for cure of these diseases.