Cleveland Clinic Neurologist Said…. yeah, maybe.

May 9, 2011 at 12:01 pm

[QUOTE=jeanbell1]… According to a Neurologist at the Cleavland Clinic in Ohio, only 5% of the patients who come there for treatment of CIDP- actually have CIDP. [/QUOTE]

According to a Neurologist, or two, or three at Cleveland Clinic Ohio I did not have any emg/ncv evidence of sensory nerve conduction block.

Furthermore, they stated that it was unlikely treatment with IVIG would be successful. By the way, it was a team of neurologists at another Cleveland Clinic location that sent me to Ohio for a 2nd opinion.

On the other hand, following comprehensive testing including a specialized muscle biopsy at Mayo Clinic, Minn it was found in the biopsy that I do have onion bulbs, demylinated, remylinated and naked axons. The ‘new’ diagnosis? CIDP more likely than MMN (multifocal motor neuropathy).

As for the IVIG? Those results are incontrovertible- it does help me!

Misdiagnosis? I’ve talked somewhat futilely about that on this forum before.