July 8, 2008 at 8:08 am

I was told by my neurologist that the white spots can be found to occur in patients with cidp although it is not common, it does sometimes occur. I attribute this to the extreme attack I had directly following lumbar surgery.

I did take a few doses of steroids in November and December. this was just a week at a time. It caused flare ups approximately 10 days after I stopped.
this was when my face became numb. I was not diagnosed at the time.

The decision to perform microdiscectomy was made 1 full year prior to the CIDP dx. The only real problem I had was light numbness in the LH foot bottom and weak ankle. I had two small herniations, so we proceeded.
This was when the S#*% hit the fan. Two days after the surgery, I said,
something is wrong. Both my feet are really stiff. They made me wait 6 months to make sure I healed from the surgery to go further.
The sequence of events is very Nausiating. I get so disgusted to see how this has gone down.
Over the last 5 years I had alot of compaints to my PC physician about knee pain and aching knees down. He kept telling me it was arthrits, although any x rays or MRI’s I had done showed nearly perfect joints. The ongoing problems had been down played and I kept going about my busy schedule popping aleve as needed until It became a serious problem. Now, Here we are.

Thanks for all your help, guidance ideas. Please keep it coming. I am cramming data and reading posts like mad. my feel for things is becoming better!