August 3, 2008 at 3:26 pm

Boy, Terry, you brought back memories–our family of four lived with a cistern for five years-can’t tell you how many times I was out in several feet of snow holding up a water hose so it wouldn’t freeze(had a well for the laundry room only-hard too-turned all my white uniforms to gold in a couple months despite bleach)and filling up the cistern when it went dry, which was every few days as the shower and toilet and kitchen were connected to it.

Of course my farm days were even more rustic. But what I really miss the most is my home. When my husband died and I then had cidp and couldn’t work, I lost my home-went into foreclosure and was able to sell it at the last minute, but now that I am in an apartment I really miss my garden and my flowers. Am really trying hard to figure out a way to get into a small home again, now that I have my SS income. Have not forgotten those issues of 1st one thing breaks, then another,etc., though and I even have the maintenance guy change my ceiling light bulbs, spoiled?yes, but standing on a ladder and looking up makes me almost pass out, so I consider it a safety issue. Despite having to maintain a home, it is your home, your private place that welcomes you home each night. I miss that.

Gosh, enough nostalgia, maybe I better take a nap and wake up with a better attitude. By the way Terry I hate AT&T too-have a local co. since my last move-I happen to think smaller companies give better service and you actually get a real person on the phone to talk too when you have a question or a problem…….bye guys-have a better afternoon.