March 16, 2010 at 11:45 pm

Hi Everyone, thanks for inpur. I am very sorry I kept up with developments. I have been rediagnosed with CISP instead of CIDP. It is a sensory neuropathy with same problems as CIDP except I cant taste, smell or feel things like I should. I was put on Predisone 60mg for several months,because I had lost over 30lbs and the IVG didnt work, I was using a walker by then and riding around the store in one of those motercars. I gradually got better but I hated the Prednisone it makes your face look like a chipmunk. I did get better and am no on 15mg and 5mg everyother day. My doctor started me on imuron and gradually reduced the Prednisone. I still cant taste and my feet and ankles are still numb. Thanks to the Lord and a great doctor I am better. Those of you out there remember there is always hope and prayer can accomplish anything. “For in Him all things are possible.”