September 15, 2006 at 5:19 am

Nebraskafan. Herein lies the problem with abbreviations. CIP is described above, it is of rapid onset, a multi-neuropathy secondary to severe near fatal illness such as septicaemia. CIDP is Chronic Inflammatory demyelinating Polyneuropathy, typically developing slowly over months or years and thought be an auto-immune disease where our own antibodies begin to destroy the myelin in the outer insulating coat of the peripheral nerves. CIDP shows a good response in many cases to IVIG or Plasma Exchange (plasmapheresis) and immuno-suppressant anti-cancer type drugs It often responds to steroids which are a no no in CIP. CIP has no specific treatment, but IVIG may possibly help. Have I muddied the water, or clarified it? DocDavid