Cincinatti Flying Pig Marathon

January 9, 2008 at 3:40 pm

Hi Cincycat1 and others on the excercise thread,
We were thinking of getting some GBS/CIDP forum members to sign up to walk/run the Cincinatti Flying Pig 1/2 Marathon on May 4th. It could be a fundraiser for one thing, and the Foundation sent me a contact name and number which I will call when I get back home from the business trip I am now on. But otherwise it would be a good goal for those that think they might be able to accomplish it, and what better place to talk about it than here on the exercise thread. Right now my family and some friends have also said they want to attend. It should be a good time, as long as they have the patience to wait until I finish!!
Any enthusiastic fellow walkers/runners who want to join in?
We can beat this thing