CIDP mtx and RA

February 3, 2011 at 2:51 pm

Hello! I have had CIDP for 5 years and have only been treated with IVIg. I receive 90g every 7th week. I receive 30g per visit ever other day. I take 90 g of Cymbalta each day for the nerve pain.

I was recently dx with rheumatoid arthritis. The meeds for RA collide with CIDP and the side effects are demeylinating diseases. So, the first rheumatologist has put me on 5mg of mtx. I have been on it for six months. I am 5’6″ 130 female. I too have permanent nerve damage in both feet and hands. My reflexes wax and wane.

Since I have been on the mtx my CIDP symptoms are much worse. To the point where over Christmas I had to have two extra doses of IVIg. I was put on pain patches for a couple of weeks so I could walk. That is the first time I have been that close to not being able to walk. NOW, bear in mind, I have a nasty secondary disease that I am battling, so can my experience be helpful? I don’t know.

My neuro did say when my rheum put me on the mtx that it should help because hr uses it on his MS patients, but never had with his CIDP patients.He of course is curious that my symptoms have worsened since. Like I said could be the RA. My neuro always tells me that I am the best person to tell him what is going on with my body.

Learn to get in tune with your body. You will know if the mtx is working for you or not. Everything works differently for different people.

Good Luck!