CIDP feel

October 28, 2006 at 11:15 am

Hello Kelly,
I know for a fact that STRESS and ANXIETY can do ALOT to you, so this could be what’s happening to you and what else but CIDP would enter your mind since Emi has this.

I’ll try to go back in my mind and tell you how CIDP effected me and it does cause weird sensations. I have always had an extreme amount of numbness in my feet and hands. And this is just how it effects me, each one of us will tell you different. If I try to walk on bare feet, it feels like I have rocks under the skin. I feel numbness/tingling and prickling in my hands and feet every waking moment. If I apply pressure to my feet; press down very hard on them; the numbness intensifies. Another weird sensation, sometimes it feels like I am walking on tiptoes on stilts (that’s the best way I can describe that one). I have normal feelings in my feet and hands, can sense hot/cold/injury/pain/stubbed toe, etc., but I feel those things through layers and layers.

Remember that we are all different, someone else could respond and not feel these things at all.