CIDP and Sjogren’s

June 3, 2011 at 8:29 pm


I don’t have your conditions, but I do have two autoimmune conditions – CIDP and Sjogren’s. Azathioprine (or brand name Imuran) is used to treat any autoimmune condition (such as Crohn’s) by trying to suppress the immune system that’s turned against us. I take a boat load of meds to try to manage the pain (non-narcotic, so a cocktail of odds and ends) and was on IVIG weekly.

I see a neurologist for the CIDP and a rheumatologist for the Sjogren’s. My neurologist handles my meds because my rheumatologist told me that since I was already on the correct dose of Azathioprine, there would be less chance of error or confusion if all my meds are handled by one doctor. They collaborate on my treatment, but only one prescribes.

I know this is not your specific question, but I hope you find it helpful.