CIDP and Exercise

August 5, 2006 at 1:37 pm

My first post as a CIDP patient! I was diagnosed with CIDP in July (last month). I was a tennis player and exercised in the gym for a long time. Started getting symptoms in March 2006, stopped exercising in June since legs got too weak and wobbly. Neurologist had me get a Lombar puncture, which gave him high probability of CIDP. Started with IVIG, which “failed”, got chect tightening, nauseous, about to throw up, and low blood pressure. BUT – I was mostly done with one bag. So, next week, it helped a lot! Dr. now has me on prednisone(60 to start, now 50mg). As for the exercise, I started back a cou[le weeks ago. It felt good, but I started slowly. Leg exercise went from 120lb before, now, 75 lb. Bicepts – 50 lb before, 35 now, Tricepts – 50lb before, 45 now.
Prednisone has continued keeping the strength up. I am very concerned about the side effects though.

BobV, Gaithersburg, MD