CIDP and Diabetes

May 27, 2006 at 10:43 pm


Since no one really knows what causes CIDP, diabetes might have caused it. Most likely, though, it did not. However, diabetes does cause its own set of neuropathies, known collectively as diabetic neuropathy (clever name, what?)

Not all of Keith’s problems are necessarily related to CIDP. It would be unusual (although not unheard of) for it to affect urination or digestion. The liver problems are not likely to be from it either. It can have psychological effects, from the stress of having a chronic, debilitating disease, but the “talking out of his head” sounds more like a brain issue. CIDP, by definition, does not affect the brain or spinal cord.

I am not a medical doctor, but it seems like most of Keith’s problems are from his uncontrolled diabetes. I hope you manage to get it under control, and soon. I trust you and Keith manage his diet strictly, and medicate appropriately. While I don’t have diabetes, I am told that the timing of the medicines is very important. Make sure that you are following the schedule strictly.

That said, the symptoms he has, whether from CIDP, diabetic neuropathy, or both together, are real. Don’t let medical staff tell you otherwise. If the CIDP is causing the muscle weakness, IVIg is a reasonable treatment. However, if the weakness does not improve, and it is clearly from the CIDP, Keith can try plasmapheresis or some immunosuppressants. Neither of these are great choices for someone in generally poor health, but sometimes, you just have to try something.

Seek treatment for his chronic pain. There are several studies that show that untreated pain only makes one sicker. Also seek treatment for depression, both talk therapy and medicine. Again, studies show that depression only makes one sicker.

As to how to pay for it, I take it you don’t have insurance or that it is inadequate. I don’t have any experience here, so I will defer to Jerimy and others.

I pray that you and Keith will find healing.