CIDP & periods

March 23, 2007 at 7:58 pm

I always had irregular periods until I was diagnosed with CIDP. Everytime I had one, I would have a severe relapse of CIDP. I tried for two years to get a hysterectomy, but the the doctors were to scared what the outcome might be with the CIDP. However, I finally found Dr. Kucera at Providence Hospital in Portland and he was willing to do the surgery. I had the hysterectomy several months ago. Initially I had an exacerbation, but since that time I have done better than I had in the past two years.

My neurologist was pretty sure that in my case, there was a hormonal interaction with the CIDP despite the fact that there isn’t medical data out there that shows there is any kind of connection.

For anybody that has problems with the CIDP around their period, I wouldn’t hesistate to recommend a hysterectomy.