Chronic progressive…

November 8, 2009 at 8:50 pm

It does sound like you do have the chronic progressive form of CIDP, albeit the slow kind. I had/have the chronic progressive as well, only mine was very fast, & put me in a wheelchair in just a few weeks, hence the GBS dx originally. I doubt the IVIG is doing much, maybe slowing the deterioration just a tad. I merely suggested the immunosuppressants because I felt that they would do the same, but be a lot cheaper & easier, as they are taken orally. Interesting what Dawn suggested about the cytoxan protocol, never thought that it might work for your form; but then why not? I would check with Alice to see what kind of CIDP she was dx with, maybe the simple procedure of once a month cytoxan infusions for 6-12 months would stop your progression & even allow some of your damaged nerves to heal?