June 6, 2011 at 10:25 am

More a bit of a silent bird today it seems. Hey, head up, take one day at the time and the pieces will again fall in place. Don’t panic, don’t give up, make sure you sleep (or rest) enough, eat well and just let everything fall apart around you. As soon as you gathered the pieces of yourself, mustered some courage and energy, you tackle the rest of the issues and it will be a piece of cake.

How’s this for a scenario? Divorce, get evicted with 8-year old child, get haunted by heavy guys to whom your ex owes money, serious back-problems (6 weeks flat with injections), end up in hospital with sepsis, partial ilectomy, removal of ‘tumor’, recovery, mother dies, sister divorces (bad divorce), CIDP and simultaneously my partner (4 years relation) gets cancer in his pancreas.

Come on, everything together it’s difficult, one thing at the time is much more easy and don’t forget, panic my cause you to make bad decisions.

I am sure that in about a year you will be chirping about all this. It will not be an easy year but if you manage to keep yourself together you will manage.

Keep your end up birdie!

Love and kisses