May 7, 2007 at 3:40 pm

My son nate is not a child but he 16 mos out from GBS and he has had some real problems with his neck and horrible headaches.
I contacted our Chiropractor friend and he agreed to see Nate 2 mos ago.
He adjusted Nate as well as he could but didn’t think he had done much.
Whatever he did, it helped Nate’s headaches a lot.
It has lasted 2 mos. Nate’s headaches and back pain are getting worse again now though.
Nate’s new Neuro says he has nerve compression in his neck and that is responsible for his headaches.
That may be why the Chiropractic adjustment helped.
I think its time to do it again. I have already called our Chiro and he will be calling me back today.
Trudy, natesmom