Chin up

March 8, 2010 at 9:55 am

My daughter is 16 and it was like pulling out teeth to get her to go to PT, I finally let her win, we stopped PT a few months ago, less stress for both of us. She attends school and she too has resisted any type of aid (walker or wheelchair) I have to say she is much happier and I make sure she does other things (not that she realizes it) walking up and down the stairs at school, I paid her $5.00 a bag to fill up pine cones this weekend. Its the small things to keep her active. My daughter could not see the end of the road, because there is nothing concrete to hold onto. She broke both ankles 2 years ago (gymnastics) and we had a plan, milestones she could look forward to. For her this is where the disconnect was. No miles stones to measure the healing. The fear of the unknown. The hurt of the loss. I hired a Phsychologist (wonderful woman). and I have to say this has helped her more than the PT in getting her mind around this. Leslie (thats her name) says it is like treating someone who has expereinced a great loss and that my daughter is going through that same process. It was amazing to hear all the fear she had behind all the physical goings on. I wish her the best and hope that you have success. Chin up, you are not alone!!

Chin up

April 3, 2008 at 10:12 pm

Each of us often cannot change the hard stuff in life, but we can stand together to support each other through it. I am impressed that this apparently started as a site for misery commiseration and yet people want to reach out and give you a hug. It is love and caring that help most through life. Your love for your family and caring for the people that work with you is very evident. We will pray for the hard stuff to ease up in all ways.
With Hope

Chin Up?

May 26, 2006 at 12:22 pm

I just received my second acupuncture treatment this morning. When I left for the appointment, I had high hopes. Now I am very depressed with the thought of having to possibly take narcotic drugs again. The treatments work, but only for a short time.

I have type 2 diabetes and am controlling it with diet alone. Any time I bring up foot pain, the doctors seem to want to blame the pain almost exclusively on diabetes.

The company I work for requires an annual physical each year. The year- before-last the Doctor had circled my blood sugar level (>500) on the blood work and wrote that I should come in an be retested after fasting. When I got the report in the mail, I left it unopened my desk. Yes, Stupid :rolleyes: … but the point is, I went a year with high blood sugar, and never had the first sign of foot pain. If I had experienced my pain before GBS, the pain would be easy to accept.

Since GBS, I have lost interest in all the things I used to love to do. It is all I can do to work and rest. If the doctors are right about the cause of my foot pain, I know I need to exercise much more and drop my weight down, but I don’t know what kind of exercise I can do that won’t completely drain me down, and it is very hard to exercise with feet like mine.

I feel like I am laying my problems on all of you, but really all I am doing is asking you all for any advise you can give me. Please keep writing, it really helps me to know that there are others who have gone through what I have.

Thank you so much for listening…Good Luck and Good Health To All.