Chills anyone?????? from Gail

July 12, 2010 at 4:19 pm

[QUOTE=jeanbell1]Does anyone else experience chills occassionally? Since the beginning of my CIDP symptoms, I have gotten chills every now and then.[/QUOTE]

I was diagnosed with CIDP a year and a half ago, and had no pain and no
chills, at first. Now, I am experiencing chills, that make me feel very cold,
no matter how warm the room is, and no matter how much clothing I have
on. It sometimes lasts a short time, and at night, I have had it last for
hours. I thought, it might be an allergic reaction to something in the air,
and have taken Nyquil at night, with good results. I also am having pain
now, that doesn’t seem to have any cause, and I have had to take pain
medicine regularly for pain in my right upper thigh. These symptoms have
started, since my last neurologist appointment, so I haven’t been able to
ask my doctor, if they are related to the CIDP.