Chemo or Radiation Induced Neuropathy? What do they do about pain?

June 8, 2011 at 8:50 pm

Yes, and while you are sitting there getting infused with nothing to do but think and eat chocolate chip cookies, why heck, ask some of them about it. I have.

Likely they will answer you with a ‘blank’ look and then ask you, “What are you talking about? Nobody ever mentioned that.”

I learned, almost immediately, to not bring this subject up to the patients at the Cancer Center I go to for infusions.

For some Cancer patients’ input on this subject see the Cancer Survivors Network (CSN) web page at:


I have an acquaintance with serious neurological issues popping up about 30 years after his radiation treatments…..

ok ok the dates on the web page are 2009. so? Does it change the data in some meaningful way?

Look in the upper right hand corner for ‘Not a member? [U]click here to search public areas[/U]’ and search for whatever you like.

You may find some other threads with newer dates and what they are using to relieve their neurological pain.