July 20, 2008 at 6:52 pm

When people were getting heart problems after painting the airplanes during the war because of lead in their systems, they discovered that their heart problems got better. So it is an approved medical procedure and very few side effects if any. It is used to get rid of metals in the body. It also gets rid of the plaque that coats are arteries.
As I have said, I took my mom to a doctor in Tampa that gave chelation treatments. Most doctors who do this have a room with big comfy chairs for people to sit in because it takes around two hours to get the IV. It has an amino acids in it – EDTA – and some magnesium. You can look this up. There would be from 10-20 people in the room. I talked with them and found out that they had had typical medical procedures done elsewhere and weren’t satisfied. The best results they got were from chelation. I even sat next to one of the drummers of a 50’s rock group ( the GBS does a number on your memory). We later on went out on a date and he gave me a tape of his band’s songs so I can go look it up. Anyhow… does take time and it is probably not covered by your insurance. That is the bad part. It takes anywhere from 20 + to get improvements…depending how bad you are.But to me…it is worth every penny. When they replace blockages, they take some of the main ones. Chelation cleans out all of your arteries and gently. If there were a chelation doctor in this town or close by, I would start them today. But my car is not working well and I am going to wait a little while to start. It is one of THE BEST preventative measures anyone can get. I read several books on it before I took my mother to get it.
But we all have to make the decision right for us…I just want people to know they have choices. If you have any other questions, let me know. We are here to help each other.