July 28, 2008 at 11:32 pm

welcome to the tavern. We get a little crazy now and again, but Norb dares us to do it:D Here’s what I call a fru-fru drink-the tavern special. A couple of those and you will be singin(off key is fine) and dancin and joining in the sword fight. JanB and I were the bartenders–you should have seen her–she was flipping bottles so good–only problem we weren’t catching them, and the, crash, boom, bang, don’t worry bartender buddy JanB, they will be beggin us to come back……..

Hey, Norb, you better read that sentance again. I wasn’t seeing double of you, I was seeing double of the Hunk-I don’t care how nice he is, he ain’t serving me. I am almost frightened to say I’ll take my chances with the redhead.

Jan, were you and Veronica really drunk when you hired the bartender? Norb, you should put them in the doghouse not me !!!!!

Jan get that surf board ready—-Jim is putting a wave maker machine on one end of the pool-we will be surfin (piece of cake)–stoppins make be a tricky, beach might not all be in yet, sooo we are lookin at lounge chair or bar patrons stoppin us. Hey, if Kevin is bodyguarding that night, he hould catch-I’ll go first to see how he does:D

Jan, or someone, can you lock up tonight. I am on a curfrew for the next two days by my ivig nurse.

oh I guess I wasn’t #1500-the old bat was according to the number on the post. Have her order a drink on me, as soon as she flies in with her bats!!


October 22, 2006 at 12:00 am

i’ll have some white zinfandel. can i join you? going to st. lucia in a couple of weeks. going to pickel my liver while i’m away. we’re going to sandals, the all inclusive resort. booze is included. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!! any special requests from anyone? is there a nice tropical drink of choice?:)