Checking in with my family

June 8, 2007 at 1:31 pm

Hello Everyone. I have been doing poorly the last week or so and haven’t responded too much. Thanks to those that have written posts or private messages. My wife is concerned about how I seem to be progressing downward again. She called the neuro. They are seeing me next Tuesday. I have begun to stumble a lot. I have bounced off of a couple pieces of furniture and the deep freeze in front of her and the kids. My balance and coordination are way off course. I don’t feel dizzy when I stagger around like a drunken sailor, just way off balance. Not being sure when this balance/coordination thing will go awry, I have stopped driving for the time being. My supervisor is allowing me to phone in every day. That is a big bonus to me. Being in the service, having to show up every morning just to show up was wearing me out. They are all very concerned at work and have offered to drive me in on the days when the Navy just has to have me there. They have no idea how guilty I feel not being able to contribute to the production of our lab. Not one of them has expressed anything but support though. Old friends have reached out as well. So between all of them and all of you, I feel so much support. Thanks to all of you.